The Things We Learn From Uber

I have this issue with anxiety that sometimes keeps me from driving. And oftentimes as a single person who grows tired of the quiet I like to go out and work/drink and I am terrified of driving even after one sip, as we all should be, so there is that too. (Please, please do not drink and drive).

As such, I use Uber a lot. It isn’t expensive and it is always there to get me from point A to point B and back again. Safely and securely.

Im burying the lede a bit here but bear with me.

I’ve met single moms driving with kids in the back of the car. A lot of single moms, who melt my heart because I get it and have been there. I met a guy just today who is fifth generation in my area who told me incredible stories about my neighborhood from years ago that I had no idea about. Deer and shit. At the beach! Wow. Once I even met a witch. Like, really a witch driver! I chose not to mess with her.

But the greatest interaction came one morning not long ago. I rolled into the car of an older African American gentleman who spoke in one of the most poetic voices I have heard — and I have heard a lot of poetic voices in my time, having served presidents and such. He caught my attention, which sometimes can be hard to catch.

A lot of Uber drivers don’t drive because they need the money, but because they appreciate the conversation. This was the case with my aforementioned friend. He told me it helps him develop his sermons, actually.

He is a preacher. A preacher originally from Harlem, who retired here, in Virginia Beach. He had a congregation of 2000 back in the day and has a smaller congregation here now as I understand. And he is on You Tube, etc. I would name him here but I have not asked permission…

Anyway, It was a sad morning for me. I had just sold my late mother’s house and I was feeling blue. Heading to the Pub with my laptop. And this beautiful spirit wrapped around me to make me feel OK.

And I did feel OK.

So what is the point? It is that in these uncertain times, there is a lot of good out there. People to discover. People to inspire you. People to make you feel OK. It’s still there. COVID killed a lot, but it did not kill that.

In these trying times, Do not give up hope. This is the ultimate message. And also, if you are partying, take an Uber. You’ll get home safe and you never know which life-changing person whom you might just meet.



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