Here’s another short one.

I just learned, belatedly, that my longtime reliable and beautiful bass player Jerry Bruno had passed away at 100. At about the same time as my longtime guitarist, Bucky Pizzarelli did at age 94.

The last time we were all together was 2015, doing my last record, #LEGENDS. At the Power Station in Manhattan. It was brilliant. I believe it was Bucky’s last studio recording, not sure about Jerry. But whatever. Jerry worked constantly.

Anyway, I prefer to work with old and seasoned guys so it wasn’t any sort of surprise, but still…it hurts.

We worked together over about a 25 year span. For a long time it was me, pianist Tony Monte, Bucky, Jerry and the great drummer Joe Cocuzzo and the sax player Harry Allen. With Jim Czak on the board. All but Harry are now gone. And as I work on my 6th record, I must admit I feel lost.

I have new and brilliant collaborators, which of course I am very excited about, but I miss my crew. Thankfully, I have Harry, who has been with me forever and he will hopefully be with me in Brazil for the new record, a second volume of my Bossa Nova EP from a few years ago.

I love Bossa, and I think it appropriate to make the music in Brazil. With Brazilians. It’s like a respect thing for me.

Whilst excited, I miss my friends, still. I have never been without them and recording will be strange. But I am powering forward.

Life comes at you fast. God bless you, Jerry. And Bucky. And Tony. And Jim.



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